When you’re celebrating accomplishments, individuality, and in Samantha Jo Alonso’s words, “using the world as your runway,” there’s no such thing as losing.

A business entrepreneur, fashion stylist, brand consultant, motivational speaker and philanthropist, it’s Samantha’s multi-disciplinary force that defines the modern day renaissance woman.

Imagine growing up amongst the alcoholism, gambling, addiction, and various other lusts for life that make up Sin City. Then imagine building something from that – and you’ve got an idea of what life’s been like for Samantha Jo Alonso.

Being born and raised in Las Vegas, she felt from a young age a responsibility to figure out what was missing in her hometown and, from there, create something that would give her a platform to provide hope and encouragement to others.

Step one? Drop out of school – which is what 21-year old Samantha Jo ended up doing in 2005, opening up her first concept retail boutique FRUITION, in part because the name captures the idea of realizing your dreams and desires. The store filled the fashion-and-culture vacuum in Vegas, and despite having no experience operating or starting a business, she somehow made it work. “What we lacked in resources, we made up for in creativity. If I listed out the pros and cons of starting a business, chances are I probably never would’ve done it.” Samantha Jo admits.

She never met a road that she couldn’t turn into a RUNway.

Moving effortlessly among fashion, fitness and philanthropy, it’s no surprise that Samantha’s singular vision and worldview for life that has prepared her to inspire all to follow their dreams and destinies.